Welcome To The New Sphinn Blog

Hi Everybody (Hi Dr. Nick!).

Anyway… welcome to the Sphinn blog! Danny, Michelle and I have been chatting about the idea of moving Sphinn announcements away from the main site for quite some time, which has resulted in the launch of this shiny (and slightly sparkly) new blog. We’d also like to chat a lot more about Sphinn and what’s going on in the community, which has been hard to manage in the past, without cluttering up Sphinn’s homepage with submissions about… Sphinn.

As well as Sphinn accouncements and discussions, I will also be launching a weekly round-up post, cunningly named “Sphinn Weekly”. The post will highlight Sphinn submissions from the past week that I feel are worth a mention, whilst also giving some of my own views on matters, where appropriate of course.

The plan is to post each week’s round-up on Monday – yes, I said Monday. The reasons why are:

  1. Everyone else does weekly round-ups on Friday which few people read until Monday
  2. I’m usually out in London for a small glass of Sherry on Fridays (you don’t want me posting whilst drunk). and…
  3. I can write the post on Sunday, which is the day I have the most free time.

Hopefully you’ll all add us to your RSS readers and make use of the open commenting.

Speak to you all soon,

Rob Kerry
evilgreenmonkey [Sphinn Profile]
Sphinn Editor

16 Responses to “Welcome To The New Sphinn Blog”

  1. Harith Says:


  2. Andrew Shotland Says:

    I wouldn’t mind a few Sherry-fueled posts now and then Rob.

  3. Danny Sullivan Says:

    I look forward to promoting my cheap online viagra via the new blog! And i heartily endorse the Monday publishing schedule. That will give you an entire day to sober up. Though I think you should still drink sherry while writing it, Rob. Or cider. Seriously, sherry?

  4. Michael D Says:

    Great news. Adding to my reader. Looking forward to those not authored while drunk posts. 🙂

  5. Danny Sullivan Says:

    Sadness. Even at Sphinn, my comments get held for moderation.

  6. Danny Sullivan Says:

    And i thought the comments were fairly moderate, too. All this adding to post is hard, also. Rob, I think the question to verify should be “what’s Rob’s favourite tipple.” Damn, wrote favourite with a U. Did it again. Blimey.

  7. evilgreenmonkey Says:

    @Danny: A quick sherry = 6-12 pints in my family, a nice little code we have 😀 I have been known to drink Cider though, especially in the form of Snakebites ‘n Black (the official SEO conference drink). LOL, just noticed that you don’t have admin access to the blog.

  8. baiduyou Says:

    Cool, but I’m betting people will be falling over themselves to sphinn the weekly blog posts…

  9. Yossarian Says:

    Ah I like the cut of your jib evilgreenmonkey, but dont you know you should only have 3 units a night? Thats what my doctor tries to tell me anyway.

    Cider is good when you are in a crap pub and they haven’t cleaned the lines for 12 years. Cider or Guinness always taste the same no matter what.

  10. Garrett Pierson Says:

    Wonderful news! Totally excited for the new blog here at Sphinn and already added to my reader.

  11. Ankit Says:

    Nice news .. keep the good work up !

  12. Brian Turner Says:

    Hooray!! Danny’s using WordPress at last!!

  13. Michelle Says:

    @baiduyou – we’ve got it blocked – Sphinn will not accept submissions from this blog.
    No worries there 🙂

  14. Devin Says:

    Well. That’s too bad. I’m thinking drunk post could, at the very least, be entertaining…

  15. Paul Says:

    Congrats on the new blog 🙂

    @evilgreenmonkey — try some nice Merlot Red Wine while posting – I normally find a bottle and a half loosens the thought process and the words just spew out … not in the correct order, mind.

  16. baiduyou Says:

    @Paul – As Eric Morecambe put it “I’m playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.”

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