Sphinn Weekly – Week 4

26th July – Microsoft tries to one-up Google PageRank (soulfood)
Cnet covered news on a research study carried out in Asia, highlighting Microsoft’s BrowseRank method of ranking the most important and popular websites for a search term. BrowseRank assigns web pages priority based on traffic and how long visitors stay on the site. Search Marketers are already testing the effect of clickthrough rates on organic search results in Google, to see what effect the popularity of a site has on its rankings. Although studies may find BrowseRank to be a worth competitor to the well-known PageRank method, a real would study would most likely show a completely different picture. If you don’t like the idea of buying links, imagine a world where buying access to thousands of compromised PCs in order to increase BrowseRank became common place.
Direct Link: Cnet

29th July – New Search Engine Cuil Launches But Something is Amiss (gyutae)
Another “Google Killer” was launched under the name of Cuil – who said that all the good domains were taken? The biggest reasons why this new start-up has been given so much attention is that the company was started by former Googlers and their claimed index size is larger than their former employer’s. With reports of slow loading times and large inaccuracies in the result sets, Cuil has suffered a number of teething difficulties. The biggest test is yet to come though, and I’d be impressed if they reached anywhere near 1% market penetration (that’s my “the internet will never work” statement ;)).
Direct Link: SearchRank

29th July – The Mother of All SMX Local/Mobile Recaps (MattMcGee)
David Mihm offers a round-up of July’s SMX Local & Mobile conference in San Francisco, for those like myself who were unable to attend. The post summarises some highlights from the many sessions, including data on local search patterns and how to geo-target in organic search results. Lots of juicy info from this growing conference and segment of our industry.
Direct Link: David Mihm

30th July – Comprehensive Look at Digg’s Recommendation Engine (UtahSEOpro)
In a very comprehensive article on SearchEngineLand, Muhammad Saleem gives insight into how Digg’s new Recommendation Engine works. Including video clips from Digg’s founder, the article clears up misconceptions and interprets what the impletentation means to the internet marketing industry.
Direct Link: SearchEngineLand

30th July – Why Reputation Management Matters for Small Businesses (MattMcGee)
Sphinn moderator Matt McGee explores how Reputation Management is important even to SMEs, including an interview with industry old-timer Andy Beal. As customer reviews are becoming more wide-spread on the net, it’s important that even family owned restaurants and small product manufacturers keep an eye on what people are saying about their brand and react accordingly.
Direct Link:
Small Business SEM

31st July – Sell your #12 Google Ranking to Dragons Den for £255,000! (kevgibbo)
People outside of the UK may not be familiar with the TV series Dragons Den, although the story is interesting on its own merits. In the show, millionaire investors listen to business pitches and decide which products they’d like to invest in. In last week’s show, a failing pitch from a diamond website was seemingly turned around by the mention of the site’s Google rankings. It was interesting to see how traditional entrepreneurs recognised the value in strong organic search rankings for competitive terms. The discussion on Sphinn was joined by the diamond website’s owner, who gave further insight into how the show was edited and his previous issues with incompetant SEO agencies.
Direct Link: SEOptimise

31st July – How To Get New Web Sites To Rank Quickly (kevgibbo)
Aaron Wall’s guest post at SEL looks at different approaches to gaining relevant traffic without necessarily hitting the biggest target terms. Targeting less popular terms can result in faster revenue generation and creating information based sites can attract natural links much more easily.
Direct Link: SearchEngineLand

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