Sphinn Weekly – Week 6

11th August – Get Better Returns on Your Conference Investment (NickWilsdon)
There has been a lot of discussion lately about the value of Internet Marketing conferences, large and small. With economic slow-down effecting some people, they’re now thinking harder about the value which comes with attending conferences. Lee Odden tackles the subject of getting ROI out of events with the help of conference organisers and long-time attendees.
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11th August – An End To Ranking Reports Is An End to Analysis (ViperChill)
A few people have commented on Sphinn that they do not monitor search engine rankings and that both SEOs and clients shouldn’t. This standpoint has perplexed me, as I prefer to see as much data as possible in order to judge how well a site is performing. In competitive industries, dropping from 1st to 3rd position on Google for a single search term can lose a company tens of thousands of dollars a day. Without knowing when the drop happened and on which datacentres, how are you supposed to analyse why it happened? Stoney deGeyter looks at the arguments for and against ranking analysis.
Direct Link: Search Engine Guide

12th August – How Much Might Your Website Be Worth? (ViperChill)
As an SEO I often think only about the long-term profitability of a website, although it’s not the only way to make good money online. A whole industry has evolved around the buying and selling of websites, adding value to a site with good content or traffic. If you’re like me, you’ve probably got websites stashed all over the place, only remembering that you own them when your domain renewal notice lands in your Inbox. So how much are your hobby sites, information portals and one-page-wonders worth? Ann Smarty offers a simple guide to how you can estimate a website’s value.
Direct Link: Search Engine Journal

13th August – How to Deal with the Problem Child in Your Adwords Campaign (ciaran)
A post on YOUmoz discusses a problem that many people face with the PPC campaigns. We’re talking about the Goliath keyword which generates massive traffic with a great CTR, although sometimes it just doesn’t meet your CPA targets. HannahS runs through how she optimises the big keywords in her accounts, through Ad Group isolation and increasing target relevance.
Direct Link: YOUmoz

14th August – Does PDF metadata have any significant effect on ranking in Google search results? (infatex)
Benj Arriola conducts research into PDF optimisation and how Google uses file Meta Data and embedded information in order to establish relevance, references and possibly rank. It’s great to see people still doing this much research into ranking factors and studying how search engines evolve in their ability to process and understand information outside of the basic web page. Well worth a read.
Direct Link: BusinessOnLine

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