Sphinn Weekly – Week 7

It’s been a quiet week on Sphinn due to several conferences taking place, here’s what people were talking about outside of the conference scene.

18th August – Why No One Links to Your Best Posts (And What to Do About It) (ViperChill)
Copyblogger looks at how the best articles aren’t always the most popular and how to make sure that your voice is heard. It’s an unfortunate fact that in most cases – no matter how good your articles are, only a loyal and connected readership can really help them to explode. Hopefully Sphinn can act as a catalyst to this, with previously unknown bloggers being found through the site.
Direct Link: copyblogger

18th August – Link Building for Business-to-business companies (Wiep)
B2B marketing can require a slightly different approach to SEO than a B2C campaign, although shouldn’t be considered any harder to manage. In fact as Erik-Jan points out in his article, there are many ways that companies can exploit their B2B position, such as using both suppliers and existing clients as potential link sources. Erik offers some great tips for people working in this area of marketing or working with a client in such a position.
Direct Link: Yoast

20th August – BBC Starts Linking From News Articles (Badly) (ciaran)
BBC is the British mecca of links, a PR8 authority super-hub that draws envy and desire from webmasters. The fact that the corporation is ad-free and extremely wary of remaining neutral makes a link that much harder to get. Former employees of BBC have stated that some of their online news editors have simply Googled the story subject and picked the top organic listing to link to in the past. Ciaran Norris also notes that they’re now attempting in-line linking within stories rather than their usual sidebar links, although have online again failed to get it right.
Direct Link: altogether digital

20th August – Examining Backlink Profiles in Domain & Ranking Evaluation (Guillaume)
Buying established websites and building their value is big business, although how much is the website really worth? Guillaume looks at how a website with a seemingly impressive backlink profile can actually be a worthless web or third-party controlled links. Building micro-sites for the purpose of supplying links to your main site can be a very effective technique for affiliates, although will those links continue after the site is sold? What if the links are owned by the site’s former SEO company? This post offers some sound advice for domainers and website resellers .
Direct Link: NVI Solutions

23rd August – SEOmoz Expert Seminar 2008 Recap (PixelBella)
Brian Carter gives the first review of the primordial SEOmoz Expert Seminar in Seattle. Apparently those sneaky kids at the mozplex have asked the not-a-conference seminar attendees not to blog the content, I’m not sure if it’s a permanent or time limited media blackout though. Brian gives a good overview of the event though, and it sounds like the seminar was a tremendous success. Maybe something to stick in your diaries for next year!
Direct Link: Brian Carter

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