Sphinn Weekly – Week 8

26th August – Why SEO copywriting is so damn important (Paige119)
Heather Lloyd-Martin gives a gentle reminder of why web copy is still so important, and we’re not talking about the keywords. No matter how much traffic you send to a website, most sites only earn money if the visitor converts in some form – and copy that sucks does not help. I admit to using rather poor, one cent per word, copy on many of my affiliate sites, although then go back and improve it once the pages start to rank. On a brand site, there’s no excuse for bad copy and it’s well worth multi-variate testing alternative copy via a PPC campaign to see what converts best.
Direct Link: SEO Copywriting

26th August – How to Get Google to Index Your Site Deeper (SiteMost)
Partial indexing of a site is a common occurrence for mammoth websites, especially when they have poorly constructed site architecture. Ann Smarty shows you how to identify whether your site is getting fully indexed and ways to help improve this.
Direct Link: Search Engine Journal

26th August – How Google Suggest Changes SEO (mdjensen)
It’s quite possible that search engine users may change the way that they search, after news that Google Suggest will be implemented on the Google homepage. Suggest is already used by millions of people via toolbars and the Firefox search box, although will soon be opened up to everyone. Michael D Jensen thinks that this will alter searcher behaviour, perhaps reducing the number of long tail searches, as users will more likely select one of the suggestions given by Google in the drop-down list. It also makes it even more important for your sites to rank for the terms suggested when typing in a core term. This is not always possible however, with 3 out of 10 suggestions being brand names on a search like [poker].
Direct Link: Solo SEO

26th August – Social Media Marketing ROI- Metrics and Analysis (DavidWallace)
One of the things that SEO and Social Media Marketing share is a difficulty in answering the inevitable client question “What will be the ROI?”. When Muhammad Saleem heard a recent conference panel draw a blank on this question, he wanted to outline how “value” at least could be determined. His post outlines metrics that can be used to prove and show this value, as an important part of the marketing mix.
Direct Link: Search Engine Land

27th August – AJAX and Non-JavaScript Experiences for SEO friendly websites (planetc1)
AJAX can result in SEOs literally pulling their hair out, with it often being implemented so badly that page content consists of nothing more than a few words in the navigation bar. This does not mean that all AJAX is bad though, and Tony Adam shows the difference between good implementation and the bad. If PayPal can get it right, I’m sure that the rest of us can! 😉
Direct Link: Tony Adam

27th August – Google Suggest(s), A New Reputation Management Nightmare (tonyadam)
Google Suggest has certainly caused a stir in the community, although not just for the way that it could change searcher behaviour. Martin Bowling shows how search suggestions could become a reputation management nightmare, with the most outlandish and controversial gossip being suggested under the names of well known figures. Google could get into hot waters with some of the suggestions being associated with names, possibly even effecting the way that someone may vote. What would you think if Google suggested that Obama was an “antichrist” or recommended that you read about John Edwards’ “Love Child”?
Direct Link: Martin Bowling

28th August – Get More Calls on Yahoo! Local (steveespinosa)
Lastly, Stephen Espinosa gives some advice on how to increase your Yahoo! Local call rate by 1.8 times by making some simple changes. A short but sweet post that may be handy to those of you experimenting with Local.
Direct Link: Stephen Espinosa

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