Sphinn Weekly – Week 9

2nd September – Google Chrome, Google’s Browser Project (ciaran)
The biggest news last week was Google’s announcement and launch of it’s new browser “Chrome”. First impressions seem to be that web page load times are much faster than IE and Firefox, although lacking the add-on community which has made Mozilla’s browser so popular amongst the techie community. Chrome could potentially gain a substantial market share very rapidly if Google used their existing partnerships and influence. Google Pack for instance is heavily promoted across their AdWords network with infinite spend budgets, so I’m sure we’ll see similar marketing take place for Chrome soon (and possibly see Chrome replace Firefox in the Pack). Google is a major contributor to the Mozilla Foundation who develop the world’s 2nd most popular web browser, which will most likely continue in order to benefit from Firefox’s existing market share. Mozilla recently agreed to extend their partnership which sees Google as the default search engine and homepage until 2011, although the future is uncertain with Yahoo or (less likely) Microsoft possibly challenging Google for this source of searchers when the agreement comes up for renewal again. Chrome ensures that Google retains full control and gives them new avenues to track and analyse user behaviour.
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2nd September – How To Build Links To Linkbaits That Don’t Go Viral (jasongreen)
This post by Andy Boyd looks at what to do when your linkbait isn’t the instant success that you thought it would be, including how to rescue campaigns before they die and what you can do even after they’ve been buried in the graveyard of Digg.
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2nd September – Google cedes Belgium to Germany (ciaran)
In a humorous twist to Google’s Chrome browser launch, The Register spotted that one of their tutorials features a “revised” map of Europe. For a company that prides itself on being international and globally aware, it’s worrying that they are unable to recognise the sovereignty of countries. Surely a company of Google’s size has hundreds of compliance officers and legal specialists to spot issues such as a cartoonist’s inability to draw a map?
Direct Link: The Register

2nd September – The Last Website Checklist You’ll Ever Need (TCSM)
In a very impressive SEO checklist, Stoney deGeyter outlines all the things to tick off when launching a new site or auditing an existing website. There is still a lot of debate regarding some of the points recommended, although it still forms a excellent resource for those starting out in SEO or managing their own commerce site.
Direct Link: Search Engine Guide

3rd September – Searching With Google Chrome & Omnibox (UtahSEOpro)
Danny Sullivan looks at the Omnibox search functionality on Google’s new chrome browser, showing how it may change user behaviour. With the address bar and search box combined, Chrome allows you to perform site specific searches by entering a domain following by the search query. Will a more mainstream user base actually ever use this though?
Direct Link: Search Engine Land

3rd September – Did Twitter Lay Down for Google? (DavidWallace)
Rae Hoffman questions the reasons behind Twitter’s decision to nofollow profile links after a tip-off about a loophole found by Dave Naylor. The Twitter founders immediately nofollowed all outbound links after Google Engineer, Matt Cutts, told them of Dave’s discovery. This was most probably done hastily in fear of Google’s wrath, although Rae asks why this should be done in the first place – as Twitter already kills spammy accounts and users are the ones adding valuable content and promoting both Twitter and their profiles.
Direct Link: Rae Hoffman

4th September – Online Reputation Management Via SMO (rickgalan)
David Snyder publishes his well-received presentation from SES San Jose, where he talks about reputation management using Social Media. This can be used to repair brand search results which may not be favourable, by pushing the negative results onto the 2nd or 3rd page.
Direct Link: Snydey Sense

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