Sphinn Weekly – Week 10

15th September – BOTW In Talks To Purchase DMOZ Directory From AOL (steaprok)
Jeremy Schoemaker broke the news that popular web directory, Best of the Web, is in discussions with AOL to buy DMOZ (the Open Directory Project). AOL acquired DMOZ during its takeover of Netscape, and the directory’s data (now Open Source) has been used to varying extents by most of the major search engines and portals including Google. DMOZ inclusion has been like Mecca to SEOs since the late 90’s, with the links seen as extremely authoritative and great trust builders. The directory has been overshadowed by outages, poor maintenance and reports of editorial bribery over recent years; which the site’s new owners have done little to address. Best of The Web already boasts a successful and growing directory of its own, with paid and regulated editorial staff. The purchase of DMOZ would give BOTW a substantial traffic boost and another valuable asset to offer to its existing client base.
Direct Link: Shoemoney

16th September – How To Create Effective Local Business Landing Pages (dailymoolah)
With the increasing usage of mobile internet devices (e.g. iPhone, Mobile Broadband) and broadband take-up in rural areas, local search is more important than ever. Dev Basu looks at how to maximise the exposure that your business receives through this medium, ensuring that your site or contact details are above those of your competitors.
Direct Link: Dev Basu

16th September – 5 Ways to Improve Tracking Phone Sales From PPC Traffic (boydy)
Phone numbers are still a vital requirement for many e-commerce and service-based websites, a fact that can drive your conversion optimiser crazy. Travel sites are notorious for converting many of their online leads over the phone, with complicated insurance packages and awkward travel dates forcing the customer to call. Some companies prefer or even require customers to pick up the phone, sometimes not giving the option of online completion. So how do you track the effectiveness of PPC campaigns when customers swap the mouse for the telephone? Ian Cowley looks at 5 solutions to help you match-up phone orders with search generated traffic.
Direct Link: Setfire Media

16th September – Information Architecture Is Crucial To Good SEO (UtahSEOpro)
Eric Enge gets back to basics with his discussion on Information Architecture and its important role in SEO. He looks at situations that can hamper crawling and makes an example of how Amazon uses its IA to help with the indexing of pages within its site.
Direct Link: Search Engine Land

18th September – Google Maps announces Quality Guidelines & Reinclusion Option (mbeijk)
Google Maps/Local started looking like the wild west days of the web, with simple little tricks helping marketers push their clients to the top of the results. Google is fighting back now though, with strict policies and penalties to kick businesses into line. One such policy tackles old-school style keyword stuffing of business names, which does actually make a significant impact on local listings. I’ve set-up a working example of this for [seo in london], setting our company name as “SEO” (don’t try this at home kids). If you think that you may be living outside the local rules currently, I’d advise taking a quick look at this to make sure Google doesn’t give you a beating.
Direct Link: blumenthals.com

18th September – Live Results Becoming More Relevant Than Google? (martinbowling)
Dave Snyder asks whether Live.com results are able to challenge Google on relevance, using a generic car query for his example. I personally haven’t run a human query on Live for many months, mostly because Google hasn’t really screw up when I’m looking for things. Mel Carson challenged me on my prejudices towards Live in Ireland many months ago, and my only reasoning for not using it was relevance and spam. I’ve joked during a few conference presentations that Google could use Live results as its spam filter, they really used to be that bad. Maybe it’s time to try Live for a week though?
Direct Link: Snydey Sense

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