New Anti-Spam Measures – Kill All Robots!

Although Sphinn has been extensively customised from its original Pligg platform, we still experience a stupendous amount of spam submissions and comments. In order to combat this issue and give moderators more time to help the community, we’ll be trialling 2 new anti-spam measures.

Storyteller – Are You Human or Robot?
You may have already noticed that a new CAPTCHA challenge has been put in place on the Sphinn submission page. This requires you to solve a simple maths question before submitting your story to Sphinn. Previously, all anti-spam measures had been focussed on user registration, although Pligg spamming software could still theoretically be used for the submission of articles once an account was verified. Our Sphinnmaster, Michelle, has confirmed that initial results have proven promising and the measure has put a significant dent in spam submissions.

Please Find Photo Attached
Most user accounts used for spam are created with speed in mind, many by Indian outsourcing companies (as shown in the IP data). Creating a full user profile takes time, although genuine users are happy to do so in order to make the most of Sphinn. With this clear distinction in mind, we have decided to make it a requirement for users to upload a valid avatar to Sphinn, before being allowed to submit new articles. This requirement will most likely come into affect from Wednesday morning. If you do not currently have an avatar uploaded – don’t worry, your user account is not at risk. We simply ask that you upload a picture of yourself (or a graphic if you’d prefer) in order to continue submitting articles. You can do this by visiting your profile; selecting “Modify Your Profile”; and uploading an image. More information on what an avatar is, can be found on the WordPress Support Site.

We hope these measures do not inconvenience you too much and that they will result in a much more enjoyable experience at

Rob Kerry
Sphinn Editor

2 Responses to “New Anti-Spam Measures – Kill All Robots!”

  1. Geoff Jackson (zigojacko) Says:

    Great ideas, I have already noticed the level of spam has reduced recently. 🙂

  2. Ryan @ Linkbuildr Says:

    Finally it has been put into place! 8 days later and the what’s new section is nice and readable!

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