Bye Bye Beta, Hello Members!

Betamax to Blu-ray
You may have noticed quite a few changes happening to Sphinn over the last few weeks (and months). Firstly, we completely scrapped our old Pligg-based platform, and started again from scratch. More recently, we have made changes to the user experience, spam filtering and got rid of some of those pesky bugs. We have also now removed the Beta label that Sphinn previously sheltered under, pushing it out into the big wide world. 🙂

Editor’s Picks
In order to keep the homepage of Sphinn fresh and bring important industry announcements to our readers first, the Editors of Sphinn may occasionally push stories to the homepage before they reach the usual “Hot” requirements. Consideration for neutrality and importance will be taken before this takes place and is designed to improve Sphinn’s user experience. We hope to clearly mark stories that have been pushed to the homepage by an Editor in the near future.

Video SubmissionsUpdated 11/09/2009
Video submissions are not allowed, unless the video content is also accompanied by a summary of the main points said in the video. This is to help ensure members voting up video content actually understand what’s in it. It also helps moderators who need to review for spam or quality issues. In some extraordinary cases, video content from extremely trusted sources or which has gathered much online commentary will be allowed.

Sphinn Membership
The biggest change to Sphinn that you’ll notice, is a “Forums” and “Members Only” tab on the top navigation bar. These 2 sections form part of a very exciting new Sphinn Members offering! Members will have access to a much wider range of premium features than standard Sphinn Users, including:

  • Members-only Discussion Forum – a private Internet Marketing discussion area, closed off from the spiders, bots and outside world.
  • Live Chat – don’t clutter up your Twitter feed, chat directly and instantly with other internet marketers in this private and specialist environment.
  • Members Directory – Find and follow “the ones to watch” on Sphinn, with our searchable directory of Sphinn Members.
  • Top Sphinners – Sort and filter our private league table of top Sphinners to add to your network.
  • Member Banner – Show your support for Sphinn and the internet marketing community, with a Member’s banner displayed under your avatar.

So become a Sphinn Member today and engage with the internet marketing world!

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