Introducing Sphinn’s New Guidelines

Hey Sphinners — heads up that we’ve just posted new Sphinn Guidelines that explain the policies we use to manage this community. I’ll highlight some of the important changes below, but please do take a few moments to read the entire set of guidelines.

Longtime members should know that Sphinn began by operating under what Danny Sullivan called his Common Sense Law. In the beginning, the approach was “to have as few rules as possible and build them up organically as they seem to be needed.” As the Sphinn community has grown, we’ve built up those guidelines into what is now a more complete set of Do’s and Don’ts.

Here are some of the new things that I think are worth highlighting:

  • That “Common Sense Law” is now part of the site guidelines. We want all users to consider if their behavior is in the best interests of the community.
  • Submitted stories should have a date on them; undated stories may be removed from the site. You’ll find this under #2 in “News Submission Do’s.”
  • Submitted stories should be non-promotional. This is #5 in “News Submission Do’s.” We’ve clarified this in response to comments from some users that the previous guidelines weren’t clear enough. As part of this, we may consider users who only submit their own stories to be spamming Sphinn. We want users to actively use Sphinn and promote all good content, not just their own.
  • We won’t allow submitted stories to have special URLs with tracking codes just for Sphinn. This is #6 in “News Submission Don’ts.”
  • We’ve clarified the language on how we’ll handle stories that get multiple votes from the same IP address. This is #3 under “Voting.” Companies with several Sphinn members participating from a single IP address should be extra cautious when using Sphinn.

As I said, those are some highlights of the new Sphinn Guidelines. The page as a whole has been re-organized and is hopefully easier to read and follow.

We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience on Sphinn, to find and share excellent content about internet marketing, and to have valuable discussions with industry peers.

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