Another Reason to Follow Sphinn on Twitter

Are you following @sphinn on Twitter?

Until now, our Twitter account has been used primarily for sending out alerts after a story has “gone hot” — i.e., reached the home page. But we want our users to also be aware of the great content on Sphinn before it goes hot. So, we’re now using our Twitter account to post when stories are picking up votes on Sphinn and “getting hot.” We started this last night, with tweets like this one:

Picture 1

Once we settle in to this new routine, the plan is to send out alerts via Twitter when your submitted stories get 7 and 15 votes. If we know the Twitter account of the person who submitted the story, we’ll include it in our tweet (if space allows) so that you can let your followers know by re-tweeting it. Of course, we’ll also continue to tweet when a story reaches the home page.

So if you see a little more activity in our Twitter feed going forward, this is why. And if you’re not already following @sphinn on Twitter, why not start now?

(And one more good idea: If you’re on Twitter, make sure your Twitter username is included in your Sphinn profile so we can give you credit when your submits are getting hot.)

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