Sphinn 2.2 in Planning … Your Feedback Requested

We’ve started putting ideas on paper (well, e-mail) for upgrades and new ideas we want to implement here on Sphinn. Oh, and there’ll be some bug fixes in there, too. We already have a good, long list of ideas — enough to make me think we might skip “Sphinn 2.2” and go straight to 2.5 or maybe even 3.0. But these are early days, and we don’t even have a roadmap or timeframe at this point.

What we do know, though, is that we want your feedback and input.

Actually, we’ve already started collecting feedback. Last week at SMX Advanced, we hosted a small, informal lunch with a few Sphinn members — some who are active now, some who haven’t been as active recently as they were in the past; some who are active in voting, some who are more active in commenting/submitting. It was a great lunch that helped us understand more about our users, the things they like and dislike about Sphinn, and the things we need to do better. I’ll say it again to those who joined us: thank you!

If you weren’t at that lunch, my hope/goal is that we’ll do more of these in the future — perhaps at our SMX East conference in October? And at other SMX conferences, too? I hope so.

In the meantime, we’d also appreciate your feedback outside of planned events like that. In the next couple days, we hope to launch a general survey of our members asking for feedback on a variety of things about your Sphinn usage and new ideas/features. We’ll post here on the blog when that’s ready and put it on the Sphinn home page, too, to make sure the most users are aware of it.

Until then, here’s one question: We’re considering some kind of icon, or maybe a different color, to distinguish stories that are manually promoted to the home page. What’s your opinion?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and feedback as we continue to evolve the site.

One Response to “Sphinn 2.2 in Planning … Your Feedback Requested”

  1. Nevil Darukhanawala Says:

    Sphin has become an early morning favorite for me.

    Kudos to the team for all the hard work till now. I am sure the new editions will have more exciting features and stories.

    As for your question, yes, it makes sense to show stories manually promoted to hot. Many good stories get left behind (though they have good content) because they don’t have a network who can assist in voting. The editors do a good job of identifying these stories and promoting it up. This deserves a new icon.

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