Introducing Sphinn 3.0

All of us at Sphinn are happy to unwrap Sphinn 3.0 today. As you look around the site, you’ll notice some new graphics here and there, some tweaks, and a variety of what we’d call ‘minor’ changes. There are two more important changes that I want to mention here:

1. User voting is gone. This should come as no surprise; we announced this change at the start of the month.

In the place of voting, Sphinn’s editors will review all tips that are submitted by our members. For a tip to be published to the home page, several editors must agree that it should be published, but it doesn’t have to be a unanimous decision of our entire editing team.

2. Discussions are back. Longtime Sphinn members will recall the days when you could begin a discussion separately from submitting an article or blog post. This was a popular idea in the member survey that we conducted earlier this year, and now seemed like the right time to bring discussions back to Sphinn. So, if you have a question or idea or something you want to discuss collectively with other Sphinn members, use the Start A Discussion tab to submit it.

As with news tips, Sphinn’s editors will review discussion ideas and manually publish the discussions we feel will be most valuable to the general readership. These will appear on the Sphinn home page along with the published news articles.

We’ve updated Sphinn’s guidelines to reflect these changes, and we encourage you to read those guidelines today.

With this launch, Sphinn is now a fully managed editorial site; all content that’s published on our home page first passes through the review of our editors and admins. While our members will no longer be voting on stories, we hope you’ll continue to submit (“tip”) great articles that you find online and great discussion topics. We know we’ll need your help in finding the best content possible for publishing. (Our Top Sphinners leaderboard will now show the Sphinn members who have submitted the most tips that we’ve published.)

In one sense, this may seem like a fairly dramatic change of direction. But we’ve always relied on mods/editors to help us reach Sphinn’s primary goal: to feature the best Internet marketing content we can find on our home page. That goal is the same today as it’s always been.

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