New: Submit News Tips via Twitter

Starting today, you can now submit a news tip to Sphinn via Twitter. You’re proably already using Twitter to share great links with your friends and peers, so why not make sure the Sphinn staff sees them, too?

Here’s how: When sharing a great link, just add

tip @sphinn

in your tweet, and it’ll show up in the “mentions” list of Sphinn’s Twitter account. You can also use tip @sphinn to submit discussion ideas, too.

Our staff of editors will be keeping an eye on the incoming tweets during the day and, if we agree that the content is great, we’ll add it into the Sphinn story system manually — you don’t need to do anything else. Just put tip @sphinn in your tweet. It’s that easy. (Of course, if you want to write your own article description or headline, you’ll need to submit the tip yourself.)

Why are we doing this?

1.) We want to make it as easy as possible for the entire Internet marketing community to submit news tips to Sphinn — even if they’re not regular Sphinn users.

2.) This makes Sphinn more useful to all Internet marketers — no registration is required to read Sphinn and no registration is required to submit news tips to Sphinn.

3.) We want to make sure we’re seeing the best content out there for possible publishing on our home page, not just content from people who have Sphinn accounts and have the time to submit manually.

In short, this is about being inclusive of all Internet marketers and not limiting one of Sphinn’s primary functions just to our registered members.

We hope you find this useful and look forward to getting your news tips via Twitter. (Remember you can also follow our Twitter account to get tweets when new content is published on our home page.)

To keep things cohesive, let’s have any comments/questions about this posted over on the Sphinn story page. Thanks.

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