New On Sphinn: Discussion Of The Week

One of the most common requests from our 2010 member survey earlier this year was to bring discussions back to Sphinn. We did that when Sphinn 3.0 launched a month ago.

The ability to start a conversation with other members, without having to submit a story/article link, is something we want to encourage. Twitter and Facebook are cool and all that, but they both have serious limitations when it comes to having a real discussions that can be seen by more than just your friends and isn’t limited to short text replies.

Starting today, we’re launching a new feature to take advantage of Sphinn’s discussion tool. We’re calling it the Discussion of the Week, or DOTW for short. Every Wednesday, one of our editors will post the discussion topic and invite our users to join the conversation. Our first DOTW has just been posted on the home page:

DOTW: Do you think no-follow links are worth more than Google says?

Feel free to jump in with your thoughts on that one.

By the way, if you have ideas for future DOTW topics, feel free to use the same “tip @sphinn” messaging on Twitter that we announced for news tips last week. And if you want to start your own discussion (any day of the week), feel free to use the Start A Discussion tab up top.

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