Second (and final) Call for Sphinn Editor Volunteers

As we mentioned a month ago, Sphinn is looking to add new editors to our hard-working crew. If you think this is something that sounds like fun (it is) and have at least a few hours of free time each week to work with us, read on for more about what the job entails and how to throw your hat into the ring.

What Do Sphinn Editors Do?

Sphinn editors are primarily responsible for determining what content is published on our home page. This involves several things:

  • proactively going out to read and identify good content that should be considered for home page publication and submitting them as News Tips
  • reviewing stories that our users submit as News Tips
  • joining discussions with other editors about the merits of all the News Tips that come in
  • ditto on Discussion Topics that are submitted for possible publication
  • helping to review submissions that have been flagged as possible spam, as well as submissions from 1st-time users

In addition, editors are expected to monitor comments posted on the site, and welcome and encouraged to start and join comment discussions when inspired to do so.


If you do a lot of reading of industry web sites and blogs, being a Sphinn editor might be a good fit. Keeping up with great content and knowing where to find it is a primary qualification. You’ll also need to have available time for daily conversations and decisions about what content should be published on our home page. We have a lot of fun, but it’s also a time commitment that we expect editors to honor.

How to Volunteer

Use the Contact Sphinn form (choose “Something Else!” from the dropdown menu). Be sure to tell us your name and as much as possible about you and your experience in the online marketing industry. If you have a Sphinn username, include that.

If You Already Volunteered…

We received dozens of emails last month when the first call was posted. If you contacted us then, we still have your email on file and you do not need to contact us again.

We will probably not be able to email everyone individually with a personal response, but will email you in the next 1-2 weeks if we’re interested in bringing you on board. And we’ll be sure to make another announcement when the new Editors are officially on board.

Thanks in advance for your interest in joining us!

– Matt

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