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Was Sphinn A Top Referrer For You, Too?

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

I was curious a few days ago. On my own blog, I had recently posted a recap of my 2009 analytics, which included the news that Sphinn was my blog’s sixth-best source of referral traffic. I was surprised by that because, to be frank, I didn’t concentrate as much on submitting my own stories to Sphinn in 2009 as I had in 2008. On the other hand, two of my blog posts are in the top six on Sphinn’s greatest hits, so maybe that’s why referral traffic stayed so strong last year.

Curious to see if my peers in the search blogosphere (hate that word!) were also seeing good referral numbers from Sphinn, I sent out a few emails and asked on Twitter if anyone wanted to volunteer to share some of their 2009 referral stats. Some replied saying they didn’t have enough posts “go hot” to get lots of traffic from Sphinn. Others, however, mirrored my situation with Sphinn continuing to be a Top 10 source of referral traffic. Consider these replies, listed in no particular order:

  • Dream Systems Media blog — Sphinn was the #6 referrer in 2009, responsible for just under 3,900 visits
  • SEMpdx blog — Sphinn was the #3 referrer, with just over 2,000 visits
  • Search Engine Journal — Sphinn was a Top 10 referrer, sending more than 69,000 visits in 2009
  • Local SEO Guide — Sphinn was the 8th-best referrer, sending just over 1,800 visits
  • Audette Media blog — Sphinn was the #5 referrer in 2009, sending just under 600 visits
  • Graywolf’s SEO blog — Sphinn wasn’t in the Top 10 referrers, but still sent more than 6,300 visits last year
  • Understanding Google Maps & Local Search — Sphinn was the 6th-highest source of referral traffic, sending more than 1,300 visits
  • — Sphinn ranked #7 in referral sources in 2009, and sent just over 2,000 visits
  • SEO Gadget — Sphinn was the #2 referrer with just over 5,300 visits in 2009

I’m happy to see that our users — folks with big blogs, small blogs, US-based blogs, Europe-based blogs, etc. — are still getting rewarded for their activity on Sphinn with a nice chuck of traffic to their blogs. Well done, folks.

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